Monthly Archives: December 2017

when your heart breaks and shatters…


i haven’t written a mini yogis blog post in ages…but today i just had to.

truly, i love all of my kids as if they were my own. hence the term “my kids”, when they aren’t my kids at all. their joy is my joy and their pain is my pain.

today, i was working with one of my all-time favorite children. the sweetest, smiley-est, kindest, gentlest, most optimistic, cutest, smartest little boy.

as with most of my students, kids tend to talk to me about their personal struggles and challenges (and their victories and accomplishments, too!).

my sweet boy was telling me (as he often does) that he really doesn’t have any friends. and that when it’s recess, he wants to ask if he can play with the other kids, but that his “body tells him it’s too scary”, so he doesn’t.

his eyes started filling with tears. and mine did, too, as they are now when i write this.

such a brilliant and incredible child, he has created his own sign language, which he often uses when the words don’t work.

he looked at me in the eyes and made the heart symbol with his hands in front of his heart…and then broke it apart, beseeching, as he pulled his hands further and further away from each other.

my heart is crushed. i want to take him in my arms and follow him everywhere and be his forever friend. but the hardest part about this job is that i can hope to save the world, but in reality, i just can’t…